New York Dentists: Offer Botox For Therapeutic Purposes Now

Woman giving botox injections.With so much competition these days in the dental industry, it’s important to give your practice every edge possible. In New York, state Botox regulations allow dentists to administer Botox and dermal fillers as long as it’s done along with dental reconstruction. The offering of Botox as a freestanding procedure is not allowed.

We don’t offer legal or ethical advice, but this would seem to mean that New York dentists can use Botox for facial reconstruction work as well as work to improve the smile of patients with bad teeth and also to improve symptoms for those who have come to a dentist with migraines caused by TMD and similar problems that originate with the mouth and jaw.

The law is similar in West Virginia, for example, and many other states. In these cases, Botox by dentists is not allowed for solely cosmetic purposes but can be administered along with dental treatment. Exactly what this means for any particular dental practice in New York or elsewhere is a matter that requires direct research and some care to be sure you’re staying within the law and the scope of your license.

The MHRA (ie Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) has a large spectrum of authority in the regulation of medical devices, medicines and therapeutic services which also covers the use of Botulinum Toxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin etc). In the USA, the administration of Botox is limited to (differs by state) physicians’ assistants, plastic surgeons, internalists, nurses, optalmologists, podiatrists, OB-Gyns, dermatologists and medical estheticians.

One thing is certain: when choosing Botox training that complies with the wide range of Botox state regulations across the United States, the best choice is Dentox. Dr. Howard Katz, the chief trainer at Dentox, is an innovator in the field of dental Botox who has treated more patients than any other dentist and trained more dentists than any other trainer.

State boards that make recommendations and malpractice insurers are among those that will likely recommend Botox training from Dentox to you. That’s because those who need training might as well get it from the first and best in the field. If you don’t choose Dentox and Dr. Howard Katz, you’re choosing a latecomer with less experience, and why would you want to do that?

For more information on how dentists can train in the use of Botox, visit

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