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Mold Prevention Tips

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If mold is allowed to thrive in a home, it can cause serious health problems for the inhabitants. Once mold starts to grow in a property, it can spread quickly, and once it appears, mold removal can be difficult. Taking steps to prevent mold from growing in your home can help to protect your family and your pets from the health risks which are associated with the presence of toxic mold.

Ventilate your rooms

Mold is more likely to grow in areas that are poorly ventilated. In rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom or any room where clothes are dried, there is likely to be a lot of moisture in the air, and this moisture can form condensation on the walls and the windows. Mold is highly likely to form in these damp patches. In bedrooms which are cold, condensation is also likely to form, because of the water droplets present in human breathe and sweat. To reduce the likelihood of mold forming, open a window or turn on an extractor fan to help to ventilate the room and reduce amount of condensation that forms. Alternatively, you can use a de-humidifier to help to reduce the humidity levels in the room.

Clean up spills and fix leaks as soon as possible

If you spill any water, or if you notice any water leaks, it is important that you take steps to fix this straight away. If an area is allowed to stay wet or damp for a long period, it is likely that mold will form in the damp area. Fix the leak as soon as possible, and mop up any excess water. This will help the area to dry out more quickly. The sooner the area is able to dry out, the less likely mold is to form.

Mitigate risks

During autumn, make sure that your guttering is clear, and that no water is leaking out onto your property. If water is spilling down from the gutter onto the outside wall, it can penetrate the wall and can cause damp on the inner wall of the property. During winter, ensure that your home is adequately heated to reduce condensation risks. Adequate heating can also reduce the risk that pipes in your home could freeze and burst.

Prompt Mold Removal

If you do notice mold growing in your home, you should take mold remediation steps immediately. Once mold has started to grow, it can spread very quickly, and will be much harder to remove. Therefore it is important that you act promptly. Use a fungicide or a biocide as part of the mold removal process, as this helps to kill mold spores. Do not use bleach, because this will only remove the color from the mold, rather than killing it. If you are concerned about toxic mold, you may require mold testing. If you are unable to successfully remove the mold yourself, or if you are aware that the mold is toxic, you may want to seek professional mold remediation help.

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